STUDIO Loves: Dangerous Thinkers

Tuesdays in February, 9.00pm
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Dangerous acts - Dogwoof Documentary (5)

Every Tuesday night in February, STUDIO Loves explores the minds of some of the world’s most dangerous thinkers.

Tuesday 3 February 9.00pm 
Art & Craft –  Australian Television Premiere
This remarkable documentary follows Mark Landis, one of the most prolific art forgers in US history, as he is exposed and must confront the legacy of his 30-year career.

Tuesday 10 February 9.00pm
Dangerous Acts: The Unstable Elements of Belarus - Australian Television Premiere
For the members of the Belarue Free Theatre, creating provocative theatre carries great personal risks. This documentary gives a front row seat to a resistance movement as it unfolds both on the stage and in the streets.

Tuesday 17 February 9.00pm 
Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case - Subscription Television Premiere
Conceptual artist Ai Weiwei returns home from his 2011 arrest and subsequent solitary confinement. This film documents his game of chess with the authorities who keep coming up with new charges against him.

Tuesday 24 February 9.00pm
The Story of Playboy
In 1953, 27-year-old Hugh Hefner published the first Playboy Magazine in Chicago, and changed American culture forever. This documentary looks at the impact the magazine, the brand and the man himself have had over the past 50 years.