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It’s time to jostle for your position in the crowd and settle down for wild weekend of music – STUDIO Concert Countdown is almost here! Tune in from this Friday 5 December at 8.30pm as we count down your picks from 30 to 1, hosted by the enigmatic Jonesy & Amanda.

To get you in the mood for some bump and grind we’ve pulled together a collection of some of the largest concert crowds in history. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to compete with these epic crowds in your living room across this weekend. Check out the mammoth crowds below:

Rod Stewart, Rio de Janeiro (1994)
Rod Stewart rocked Copacabana Beach on New Years Eve, to the wild celebration of 3.5 million party-goers. Guinness World Records credits it as the world’s largest live concert, and the legendary British rock singer couldn’t be happier.

Love Parade, Berlin (1999)
Love Parade was a popular electronic dance music festival in Berlin, and in 1999 it attracted a staggering 1.5 million music fans. It’s sure come a long way since 150 people started the festival back in 1989.

Metallica, Moscow (1991)
This legendary heavy metal band took their head-banging show all the way to Moscow as part of the Monsters of Rock Festival, which also featured AC/DC, Pantera and The Black Crowes. Over 1.6 million fans threw their fists in the air for what must’ve been one sweaty performance.

Jean Michel Jarre, Moscow (1997)
The flawless Frenchman is a master of creating outdoor spectacles with lights, laser displays and fireworks. Combine his jaw-dropping live effects with ambient electronic music and you’ve got around 3.5 million happy fans.Rod Stewart’s record may not be so safe after all.

polish woodstock
Przystanek Woodstock (2014)
Woodstock Festival Poland  is an annual ticket-free event (that’s right, free!) that attracted over 750,000 free spirits in 2014. Hailed as the biggest open-air festival in Europe and with the motto “Love, Friendship, and Music” Poland Woodstock strives to be safe and responsible.

Rammstein Russia
Rammstein, Russia (2013)
“Du…Du hast…Du hast mich!” The German industrial metal band have one of the most impressive live sets ever to grace the stage, and 1.2 million fans couldn’t be wrong. Featuring a four-way treadmill, flamethrowers, fireworks and a foam cannon, Rock on the Volga Festival certainly got a good show.

Check out some more epic live shows during the STUDIO Concert Countdown from this Friday 5 December at 8.30pm.